VariPets –

our children´s friends

We all have feelings and CrocoDuck can help us to visualize our inner crocodile and turn it into a duck, or vice versa.

Each of us needs the strong, patient but also impulsive crocodile, as well as the open, clumsy and funny duck, just to name a few characters.


This is especially easy for our children with the help of CrocoDuck.

CrocoDuck is perfect for everyone,

Tall or small,

Whether parents or children


About VariPets – our story

The idea behind VariPets originated from charitable work in Paraguay (South America) when our founder Monika Baumann was helping as a psychotherapist in a children´s home.  

A little boy was very aggressive but at the same time, he was refusing any assistance. With the help of Brainspotting therapy he was able to open up and focus his emotions. When he was asked how he felt, being so angry, he replied ‘like a bad crocodile’. Spontaneously Monika drew a crocodile to help him visualize his problems. When the boy had finished the session he said that he could also be like a ‘happy duck that quacks for help when he was in trouble’. The idea of the CrocoDuck –  and in the long run the idea of VariPets – was born.

watch the video 'the idea' to get further informations

Here you can listen to the story of the CrocoDuck as told by Monika Baumann 

The transformation of the idea of the CrocoDuck into a manufactured product was an uphill struggle, which we managed to overcome. Now you can hold a great CrocoDuck in your hands, helping children all over the world to be supported in a therapeutic and educational way as they develop.

watch the video 'our way' to get further informations  

Some of the profit from the sales of the VariPets CrocoDuck will be put back into helping those who inspired its creation: from the profit, therapists in less fortunate areas will be able to receive Brainspotting Trainings. In this way our product helps more than just the customer.

watch the video 'our vision' to get further informations 

Who are we: 

The founder of VariPets , Monika Baumann, is a psychologist and family therapist who specializes in working with clients of all ages who have experienced trauma. She has become an expert in – and is a highly regarded teacher – of Brainspotting. Above all she is a family mother to three girls. 

Monika was inspired by her volunteer work in Paraguay to pursue the creation of VariPets. She loves her work and the satisfaction brought about by helping others improving their lives. With her positive, happy, and spontaneous attitude, Monika breathes life into VariPets. 

Together with her daughter Carolina and the support of the Baumann family, Monika strives to make VariPets a success and to get Brainspotting and its effectiveness more well-known!


What is Brainspotting

Brainspotting is an approach to healing trauma that was discovered and developed by Dr. David Grand in 2003. It is extremely effective and has spread all over the globe due to its success. Mag. Monika Baumann, together with Dr. Martha Jacobi and supported by Dr David Grand, have created a seminar on using Brainspotting with children and adolescents. More details of this can be found on the following ​homepages:

How do VariPets aid

in Brainspotting?

The VariPets CrocoDuck was discovered by using Brainspotting. The CrocoDuck allows children to play and open up about their traumatic experiences, and helps them to control their feelings and get their self-healing going.  

Surprisingly, the use of the CrocoDuck is not just effective with kids; we have found great success with adults as well. 


Kids tell

Here you can see stories of the CrocoDuck in use as told by the children all over the world who have been helped by it. Please submit your own experiences with the CrocoDuck here and the best ones will be put on our website. The winners will receive a free CrocoDuck. 


Here you can find information how to do this.

What do I have to do for my own VariPets video? – it is very easy 

  1. Tell us your story (max 3 minutes) and record it in landscape mode.

  2. Have your parents sign the consent form (to download click here)

  3. Send us the videoand the consent form to:


Done! We will put your video online and everyone can see your great story.


Teaching Video 0:

How can you use the CrocoDuck with Brainspotting ? 

Dialog with Dr. David Grand - April 2019 

Teaching Video 1:

In this video, I share with you how children describe the CrocoDuck. Some characteristics you probably are familiar with, but children often surprise us with their blossoming imagination and their various interpretations. It’s best to discover new habits together with them.

Some of the characters also remind us of the reactions "flight, fight and freeze". These behaviors are known as stress reactions and are often responses to emotional injuries.

Our next video will teach “co-creative storytelling.” There we show how you can use these characters therapeutically.

Teaching Video 2:

Co-creative story telling (new



€ 37,50.–

including shipping, excluding value added tax (20%)


10% from an order of 4 or more CrocoDucks to the same address! 

Product Description:  

The partly handmade CrocoDuck is simultaneously a duck and a crocodile: the one pet is hidden in the tummy of the other one, and with just a zipper, it can transform from one creature to another. 


Materials, Sizes etc.:

VariPets are made from a soft material that is safe for use by small children.  They contain no small parts that could fall off and accidently be ingested. The CrocoDuck has the CE and EST certificate. 


The crocodile is 36 cm long and 17cm wide. The duck is a little bit shorter at 30 cm but it is also wider at 26 cm.


The Varipets Social Project! –

A stuffed animal "conquers" the world in a very special way. 

A stuffed animal "conquers" the world in a very special way. 

I could work a lot and with great joy with kids and young people in the children's home. My original idea was that the young moms there would sew the CrocoDucks under the guidance of a sewing teacher and like that also receive an extra education to be able to lie on their own one day. As soon as we got going, the children's home was closed without warning. 

I was incredibly sad until one of my daughters said: "Mom, let's make a project of it ourselves" 


Now we are ready: 


How is the social project designed?

We have developed the CrocDucks which are produced partly handmade and can be purchased online for € 45.-. 

With a part of the profit and further donations on the CrocoDuck donation account of Erste Bank, IBAN: AT89 2011 1837 6380 4101, BIC: GIBAATWWXXX Brainspotting trainings are funded.  

The donations will be used for professionals who work with poor people or in social projects and who themselves have no access to finance this education. 

In case you like to donate, you can donate either with the named account or with PayPal.


Like that many people will be able to receive this effective treatment and, hopefully can continue their lives without their heavy trauma backpack or at least with a lighter one. 


The first project is already in planning and as soon as it has been realized, you will find out more about it through our newsletter or on this homepage!


I am very much looking forward to it and am infinitely grateful for your trust and support! 



Mag. Monika Baumann